4 Signs You Need Help With Your Baby’s Sleep

– Written by JoAnna Inks 


Over the past 15 years, when helping families teach their babies to sleep, there are generally 4 signs that a family needs help with their baby’s sleep.

If you’re as sleep-deprived as I was when my first son was born, then these signs may not be signs to you. They might feel like they’re just a phase, and soon enough, your baby will “grow out” of this phase and suddenly start sleeping.

The hard truth is that most babies don’t “grow out” of being terrible sleepers. These hard nights and short naps can go on for years.

So, what are the 4 signs you need help with your baby’s sleep?

Let’s get right to it.

Your Baby Refuses The Crib

No matter how hard you try or how much convincing you do, your baby refuses to sleep in the crib. You. might even think your baby hates the crib.

Even if you successfully get baby into the crib asleep, the nap lasts no longer than 20 minutes, and you have a cranky baby that won’t sleep anymore.

Every baby, and I mean EVERY BABY, can learn to love their crib if you teach them to sleep there. YES, teach them. Sleep is a skill, and any baby can learn it. It’s similar to learning to ride a bike or swim.

I can help you teach your baby to love their crib in a few short days with a clear, consistent plan designed with your baby’s temperament and parenting style in mind.

That’s how you see sleep success!

Your Baby’s Naps Are Short, 20-30 Minutes Long ALL Day

Short naps are very common with a baby that doesn’t have independent sleep skills.

We all cycle through sleep; your baby’s sleep cycles are about 45 minutes long. They fall asleep, and that 30-minute mark is when they come into a lighter stage of sleep, and BOOM, like clockwork, the baby is awake.

These short naps all day are NOT restful for your baby, and who can get anything done in 30 minutes?? You barely have time to take a breath.

When we teach your baby to be an independent sleeper who isn’t reliant on you or anything external to get to sleep, this is how they will learn to connect daytime sleep cycles and take long, restful naps.

Now, only some naps are going to be 2 hours long! Most babies don’t need that much daytime sleep, even though that would be amazing. Depending on the baby’s age, we’re looking for 1-2 multiple sleep cycle naps per day.

This guide can help you navigate awake windows and total daytime sleep by age.

You Wonder If Your Baby Is Getting Enough Rest

I often hear this from parents who worry their baby isn’t getting enough rest, and guess what? They’re right!

Getting enough age-appropriate sleep is crucial to a child’s growth and development.

Also, if your baby isn’t getting enough rest, then most likely you aren’t either. If you’re exhausted, think about how your child feels. They don’t feel good either, even though children manifest their overtiredness differently than adults.

Making your child’s sleep a priority and making sure they AND you get appropriate rest isn’t selfish; it’s crucial.

You’re sure your baby won’t be able to sleep (pssst…not true – every baby can sleep!)

When I have a complimentary discovery call with a family, they almost always tell me their baby will be the one we can’t teach to sleep.

I haven’t met a baby that can learn to sleep. We work together to find an approach that works for your family AND your baby.

I always consider a baby’s temperament and ensure the parents are on board with the approach. There’s not just one way to teach a baby to be a great sleeper. There’s a way that will work for YOUR family.

I pride myself on finding what works for every family I work with.

Who Do I Work With?

I work with amazing parents, just like you, who feel like they’ve tried everything to get their babies to sleep, and nothing has worked. In a few short days, that changes.

They’re looking to teach their babies to be great sleepers without all of the fear and doubt about sleep training.

Sleep is a necessity, NOT a luxury, so if you’re ready for your baby to sleep through the night, I can help!

If you’re looking for signs that you need help with your baby’s sleep.  

Consider this the sign!

You can book a complimentary 15-minute discovery call here to share more about your baby’s specific sleep challenges, and I can tell you exactly how I can help your family.

Here’s to a well-rested family,

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