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If you’re not sleeping well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll learn 7 simple and wildly effective tips for helping your baby sleep through the night.

In the sleep world there’s a term called “independent sleeper”. And, that’s what you’ll be helping your baby learn. Commit some time to learn these tips and teach your baby to sleep well so everyone can get the rest they need.

Stick with it, and your baby will:

  • Fall asleep on their own. No more rocking or nursing to sleep for hours every night.
  • Learn to sleep all night and take long, restful naps.
  • Have a predictable schedule each day.
  • Be getting the rest he/she needs to be the healthiest, happiest baby.

Use these 7-tips and go from exhausted & overwhelmed to a well-rested & confident that your baby will sleep well EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Let’s get right to it!

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7 Best Sleep Tips for
Sleeping Through the Night

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Sleep Shortcut #1 - Watch the waking hours

One of the BIGGEST enemies of sleep – especially for babies and toddlers – is being overtired…
and many parents are surprised to learn just how soon their children get overtired!

Here’s a quick guide to how long your child should be awake between naps during the day:

  • Newborns (0-12 weeks): 45 minutes of awake time
  • 3-5 months: 1.5-2 hours of awake time
  • 6-8 months: 2-3 hours of awake time
  • 9-12 months: 3-4 hours of awake time
  • 13 months to 2.5 years: 5-6 hours of awake time

If you make sure that your child is put down for naps BEFORE they get overtired, you’ll find that they fall asleep more easily at naptime…AND that they are more relaxed at bedtime, too!

JoAnna has helped me with two of my children. We started working together early (around the 2 month mark), and she had both sleeping 12 hours a night by the time they turned 3 months.
- Colby
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Sleep Shortcut #2 - Don't be afraid of the dark

We humans (babies and toddlers included) sleep better in the dark.

Try making your child’s room as dark as possible.

(We recommend using blackout blinds, taping cardboard over the windows, or whatever it takes!)

In many cases, even the glow from a nightlight or a digital alarm clock can be enough to disrupt your child’s sleep cycle!

BONUS TIP: Try to keep your child’s room as dark as possible during daytime naps, too. This can often make a BIG difference in how long your child will nap during the day!

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Sleep Shortcut #3 - Be predictable (And a little boring)

Babies and toddlers love predictable routines.

And a predictable bedtime routine (lasting no longer than 30 minutes) is a great way to let your child know when the time for sleep is coming.

A typical bedtime routine might look something like this:

  • Nursing or bottle (10 minutes)
  • Bath (5 minutes)
  • Put on pajamas (5 minutes)
  • Read a story or sing some songs (10 minutes)

Make sure that this routine is the same every single time.

Remember, you want bedtime to be as predictable as possible for your child!

After your bedtime routine is complete, be boring.

Lots of children will try to “drag out” bedtime by playing games, throwing toys out of the crib, standing up, etc.

Don’t participate.

If your child has thrown their blanket or favorite stuffed toy out of the crib, calmly return the item without saying a word.

Be boring, and the games shouldn’t last too long!

BONUS TIP: The number one mistake we see in the bedtime routine is feeding to sleep. If your child is nursing or having a bottle before bed, make sure it’s at the beginning of the bedtime routine. This will help to prevent drowsiness in the routine and help them fall asleep easier and stay asleep all night long.

The change that we've witnessed across our whole family in just 3 weeks feels truly miraculous. We are ALL sleeping well and we are ALL happier.
- Martine
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Sleep Shortcut #4 - Feed after naps, not before

For a lot of babies and toddlers, the single biggest reason they don’t sleep well has to do with a feeding-sleep association.

In other words, your child has “linked” the ideas of feeding and sleeping.

They think that they need a bottle or nursing BEFORE they can fall asleep.

By feeding right after nap time – instead of before – you can help your child break this feeding-sleep association.  And, you’re also feeding them when they’re most alert which will help them get a full feed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This strategy should only be used before naps, not before putting your child to bed for the night. A full tummy is needed to make sure your child doesn’t wake up hungry during the night! Just be sure it’s at the beginning of the bedtime routine.

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Sleep Shortcut #5 - Same place, same time

Remembering that our children love predictability, it’s a good idea to have your child sleep in the same place – at the same time – every day.

This means that naptime should happen in the same place as nighttime sleep – rather than in car seats, strollers, your lap at the coffee shop, etc.

For many parents, simply changing WHERE their child naps during the day causes a big improvement in the length and quality of nighttime sleep.

BONUS TIP: When you are putting your child to sleep for the night, it’s a good idea to make sure that they fall asleep where you want them to stay asleep. In other words, if your child falls asleep in your arms on the couch and then wakes up during the night in a completely different place (like their crib), chances are they’ll be surprised… and start crying to let you know about it!

After looking at various sleep coaches, I liked JoAnna's approach the best, so I messaged her. She went above and beyond my expectations! My son who will be one this month now sleeps through the night and naps very well.
- Casey
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Sleep Shortcut #6 - Try the "1,2,3" System

When your child wakes up during the night – or during a nap – and starts crying or fussing, try to wait a specific length of time before going in to check on them.

The first day you try this, we recommend waiting exactly one minute before going in to check on your child.  On the second day, wait two minutes. Three minutes on the third day, and so on.


Well, everyone (babies and toddlers included) will wake up briefly at the end of each 45-minute “sleep cycle.” Which means your baby will never truly sleep through the night! And, neither do we!

Most adults wake so briefly that we don’t even remember it in the morning. But children who haven’t learned to fall asleep independently need a little longer.

This 1, 2, 3 System gives your child the opportunity to get themselves back to sleep – without your help.

And once your child has learned this skill, you’re home free!

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Sleep Shortcut #7 - Take five

Before you put your child to bed (for naps or at night time), make sure the five-minute period before they are put to bed is very calm and relaxing.

No throwing your toddler in the air… or watching TV… or tickle fights… in the five minutes immediately before bed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We totally encourage tickle fights and any other kinds of rowdy fun you can think of with your children. It’s fun for the whole family! Just NOT in the five minutes before bed. (Right after waking up is a great time to play!)

These tips, for some parents, are the missing piece of the puzzle that gets their child sleeping through the night.

And, while we hope that you’ll be one of the lucky parents who’s able to solve their children’s sleep problems using these tips, we’re also here for you if you need a little more guidance.

Get the sleep you deserve.

Now is the time to get your sleep back!

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We help parents understand exactly why their babies aren’t sleeping, make a clear plan, and support them every step of the way while they teach their children to be great sleepers.

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Some of the best praise we’ve received was, “We are so thrilled with our little sleeper. He goes down easily and sleeps through the night. We are believers in your advice and plan.” Helping parents teach their children to sleep through the night – watching them go from thinking they’ve tried everything to amazing results in a few days – absolutely thrills us and is our WHY for everything that we do.

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