Big Kid Bed Transition

How and When to Transition to a Big Kid Bed – 


First things first – transitioning your toddler to a bed is NOT a solution for bad sleep. If your toddler isn’t sleeping well in their crib, then transitioning them is not a good idea.

Get them sleeping well first.

​By the way- I can absolutely help you with this. It’s never too late to teach a child to sleep well.

Removing the boundaries and security of a crib is a hard and often confusing adjustment for some toddlers – and making sure that they are age appropriate is important.

Keeping your little one in their crib as close to the age of 3 is highly recommended for developmental readiness.

Preparation is key

Boundaries & Maintaining Success

Toddlers are hard work and need a lot of consistency around this change!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Contacting Jo Anna was the best thing for our family! We have twin boys and did not know how to navigate bedtime and naps with two. She gave us easy, practical steps to follow and our boys are now great sleepers. She would get back to me quickly if I had any questions and was very knowledgeable.
- Emily

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