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What do you do when your little one is struggling with her sleep? Maybe she isn’t able to sleep throughout the night, waking one, two, maybe three times, forcing you to get up and help her get back to sleep. Quickly, this has consequences for the whole household, affecting your mood, patience, and overall quality of life.

The first thing many parents do is go online. They read articles, listen to podcasts, maybe even order a couple of books. They try to implement strategies they’ve learned to varying degrees of success.

But oftentimes, the problem prevails. Maybe it got a little better, but you can’t seem to figure out how to fix the problem for good or what to do when your little one’s sleep regresses.

That’s why I’m here. After going through this very same thing myself, I discovered a systematic approach to solving sleep troubles that has allowed me to help hundreds of parents with their little ones’ bad sleeping habits.

An important thing to understand is that every baby is different, as is every set of parents. That means that to really fix the problem you have to understand your child’s relationship to sleep as well as what strategies you’re comfortable with. That’s why I create a customized plan for each child I work with, ensuring that you aren’t trying to apply generalized advice to your unique little one.

If you’re ready to get started and would like to chat about your situation, don’t hesitate to reach out for a totally free consultation. You can also book a discovery call with me at a time convenient to you here.

Modesto Sleep Consulting Packages

While my sleep plans are always customized, the age of your child is very important for figuring out where to start.


Most new parents are prepared for some sleeping difficulties. They’ve heard the stories from other parents and generally expect to get less sleep at first. But sometimes things don’t get better. While newborns generally get to sleep quickly and tend to sleep a lot, their sleeping habits are disorganized and they oftentimes wake up frequently throughout the night.

Quickly, this takes a toll on the whole household since nobody is getting the amount of sleep they need. Out of desperation, it’s easy to allow bad habits like co-sleeping to persist, which are only short-term, unsustainable solutions. On the other hand, teaching your little one independent sleeping habits can set you and her up for long-term success, which is what my plan revolves around.


As your little one’s body grows and changes quickly, so does her relationship to sleep. That’s why a baby that used to sleep great might all of the sudden be waking up regularly. However, as with newborns, the struggle is usually rooted in bad habits that are difficult to break. Nevertheless, with some guidance, patience, and focus, sleep-filled nights are only a phone call away.


If your baby has reached toddler age but is still struggling with her sleep, you’ve probably become well-acquainted with exhaustion, stress, and little to no time for yourself and your significant other. Some parents just try to grin and bear it, but I assure you there’s a better way.

VIP Sleep Experience

All of my packages include a custom plan, along with upfront and follow-up support. However, some parents seek a more hands-on approach, which is what my VIP plan is designed for. With it, I’ll give you more time upfront, including in-home help with establishing a bedtime routine, as well as a full year of follow-up support to help you through everything from regressions to naptime troubles.


Babies aren’t the only ones who struggle with their sleep! Many of us adults do, as well, which has a profound impact on our well-being. Recent research has shown just how important sleep is for our physical, emotional, and mental health, meaning it’s not something to shrug off and just deal with. Instead, let me help you develop a plan, understand your struggles, and give you the motivation needed to get back on track.

Ready to Fill Your Nights with Zzz’s?

Since becoming a sleep consultant, I have helped hundreds of families improve their lives by getting the sleep they need and deserve. If you need a sleep consulting expert in Modesto, CA and would like me to help you do the same, reach out today to set up a free consultation. You can also book a time that’s convenient for you with my calendar scheduling page.

Sleep Consultant in Modesto, California

Our baby girl struggled to sleep on her own, through the night, for more than 8 months. We were exhausted. Jo Anna helped us see that our baby was capable of self-soothing. This is no ordinary program - what she recommends during the day changed the way our baby sleeps at night. Truly amazing. She should write a book!
- Jenna