Sonora, CA Sleep Consultant

When you have a little one that can’t sleep, it affects the whole household. It’s no wonder. A lack of sleep seriously drains us, putting us in bad moods, depleting our energy, and making it difficult to concentrate (and be kind!).

If that sounds like your situation, you wouldn’t be the first. Lots of children – from infants to toddlers – struggle with developing good sleeping habits. Some of us adults are still trying to figure it out, too!

The good news is that there are reliable, safe, and smart ways to go about fixing the problem. Trust me, I’ve been there. The sleepless nights and the hit they took on my health, my marriage, and my happiness. It’s hard! But I found a solution that worked and now – after becoming a certified sleep consultant – I’ve helped hundreds of parents get their sleepless little ones cruising through the night without a peep.

It doesn’t usually happen overnight and it takes some strategizing and persistence, but together I have no doubt that we can work wonders. If you’re looking for a sleep consultant in Sonora, or anywhere in the U.S.,  and would like to chat about your situation and how I can help, head over to my calendar to schedule a time. Don’t worry, it’s totally free!

Sonora Sleep Consulting Packages

How we’ll go about managing your child’s sleeping habits depends on a number of factors. I create a custom plan for each child I work with and take everything from your parenting style to their personality into account.

That said, one of the most important variables that I start with is their age. Children of different ages tend to experience similar struggles with their sleep, and each takes a unique approach to solving the problem.

Let’s take a quick look at some of those differences.


Many of the parents I work with come to me after months – or even years – of struggling with their little one’s sleep. While that’s certainly understandable and certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t obtain results, why not save yourself from that difficulty if you can? That’s why I love working with parents of newborns who predict that there might be some challenges and who want to get out in front of them.

Of course, you might already, even just a few weeks or months in, realize that this is going to be an issue. Maybe you’re already exhausted and you’re worried that your baby isn’t getting enough sleep or that something is wrong. Generally, it’s just a matter of teaching some good, consistent habits that will allow your baby to sleep independently as their bodies continue to change and grow.


Around the 6-month mark, the toll a sleepless baby is having on you, your family, and herself is usually becoming quite apparent. You’ve likely scoured the internet for tips, tricks, and advice to no avail. You’ve gotten used to 24/7 exhaustion. You have no time for yourself or your significant other. And you’re worried that your baby is not developing as healthfully as she should because she’s not sleeping well.

These are all fair, honest concerns that certainly beg for a solution. Oftentimes, these issues stem from a common cause. Maybe your baby hasn’t learned to sleep independently, relying on you to coax her to sleep – and back to sleep – for the crying to stop. Or maybe the issue stems from inconsistent bedtimes. Regardless, I’ll help you troubleshoot the issue and develop a rock-solid plan that will get your little one on track.


As you can imagine, older children tend to have the most difficulty getting their sleep straightened around. The reason is simple. The older a child gets, the more ingrained their bad sleep habits become, making it more difficult to get things back on track. At the same time, they’ve developed the ability to argue and express themselves more, making it more challenging to get them to do what you want.

Nevertheless, with some focus and patience, we’ll have no trouble getting your child to sleep soundly and consistently throughout the night.

VIP Sleep Experience

While my regular packages include a step-by-step plan, conversations about how to implement that plan, and follow-up support, my VIP plan takes it to the next level. I’ll come to your home to walk you through your little one’s ideal bedtime routine and you get an entire year of support after we start our plan. Spots are limited, so if this sounds like what you’re interested in, sign up today!


Of course, children aren’t the only ones who struggle to sleep! If you’re an adult dealing with sleep challenges, we can work together to identify the problems, develop a plan, and get you started towards wonderful nights filled with peaceful zzz’s.

Ready to Sleep – and Live – Better?

If you’ve had enough of the sleepless nights, the exhaustion, the stress, and the tension, it’s time to address the problem seriously. If you’d like to have a free chat about your situation and what I can do to help, don’t hesitate to reach out today!

Jo Anna was amazing to work with and truly transformed our evenings! Thank you for saving our sanity and helping us help our strong willed child to no longer resist bedtime. You encouraged us so much and I truly know I wouldn't have been able to do it without your support and customized sleep plan!
- Julie