Stockton Sleep Consultant

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your little one is struggling with her sleep and you’re trying to figure out what to do.

Well, let me start by saying that I feel your pain. The reason I became a sleep consultant is that I went through this myself. After I had my first child – a lovely baby boy – we quickly became so exhausted that it was difficult to live our lives.

We were exhausted, frustrated, and the household was filled with tension and stress. It was affecting my marriage, my health, my happiness, and my opinion of myself as a parent. I thought I must be doing something wrong and I was worried that this was all taking its toll on my baby boy.

But when I found the solution, everything changed. Within just a few weeks, he was sleeping throughout the night and we collectively breathed a giant sigh of relief. By the time his brother came along a few years later, we knew what we were doing and he was a champ sleeper right out of the gate.

So what’s the secret?

Basically, it comes down to understanding a bit about the science of sleep, the bad habits that many little ones develop early, and sticking to a plan that’s already worked for thousands upon thousands of parents.

If you’d like to have a quick chat with me about your situation, I’d be more than happy to hop on the phone where we can go over what you’re experiencing and what I can do to help. As a sleep consultant in Stockton, CA and throughout the world, I’ve helped hundreds of parents get their child’s sleep on track, and I’d be thrilled to help you do the same.

Stockton, CA Sleep Consulting Packages

Whenever I work with a child, I take a completely customized approach. Part of the reason all of the advice and tips you’ve read online might not be working for you is that they take a one-size-fits-all approach when, in reality, every child is different and takes a unique strategy.

That said, their age is the biggest factor when figuring out how to approach their sleeping troubles, which is why my packages are organized by age.


When you have a baby, especially if it’s your first, you’re probably expecting some sleep difficulties out of the gate. You’re prepared for the mid-night wakings and you’re more than happy to give your newborn the attention she needs, even if it means less sleep for you. But, at a certain point, you realize it’s not sustainable. Everyone in the house is exhausted and you know that you need to figure something out. Luckily, there are a number of strategies you can take early on to nip the problem in the bud, giving your little one the tools and environment she needs to sleep throughout the night.


Sometimes newborns don’t have trouble sleeping right away, but instead the sleeping issues start to come about later on. The reason for this is because a baby’s body is changing quickly, as is their relationship to sleep. They’re beginning to sleep deeper but might not know what to do when they wake up in the middle of the night, and they can become highly reliant on their parents’ presence to get them back to sleep. Or they might become over-reliant on naps or late night feedings. Regardless of the cause, we can definitely figure out the problem and develop a plan to solve it.


Tired babies are challenging, but tired toddlers can take it to the next level. They’re more independent and able to express themselves, making it more difficult to control their behavior around sleep time. However, when you can identify their struggles and figure out how to help them approach sleep differently, you can fix the problem in no time!

VIP Sleep Experience

If you’re at your whit’s end and in need of some serious hands-on help, my VIP plan might be perfect for you. On top of developing a custom plan, I’ll actually come to your house to walk you through your child’s ideal bedtime routine and provide you with an entire year of follow-up support, including monthly check-ins. So anytime throughout that year that your baby struggles with a regression, nap time, teething, or anything at all, I’ll be right here to help you through it.


As it so happens, many of the sleep strategies that work for children also work well for adults! We struggle with sleep for a number of reasons, including inconsistent bedtimes, bad habits that we rely on, and a lack of patience getting things back on track. If that sounds like you, we can work together to figure out the source (or sources) of the problem, develop a plan, and get you sleeping soundly and consistently through the night.

Ready to Get Started? Let’s Do It!

Too many of us learn to accept bad sleep. Nevertheless, science has shown us just how important sleep is, from our physical health to our mental health, from our relationships to our overall well-being. Sleep impacts it all, regardless of your age. If you’re in Stockton and would like to have a free talk with me over the phone about your situation and how I can best help, get in touch today by filling out my quick online contact form or find a time that works for you on my calendar.

I couldn't put a price on what JoAnna did for us. My husband and I both say we would pay her over and over because she's worth every penny! She gave our family sanity!
- Ericka