Toddler Times

– Development, Behavior, and Tips –

Toddlers have a high need but low ability for independence. Structure and consistency is not only helpful in their development, but also makes them feel safe – this is because while they want to be in control, they still hold many qualities of a baby in that they want their parent’s to be the ones in charge.

Toddler insight

Toddler tips

Meal time tips

Goal: A pleasant family meal with time to connect

Rules: Sit at the table until everyone is done, no toys at the table, sitting “nicely”

Jo Anna saved us! I truly thought there was no hope for us with our strong willed daughter who fought bedtime for hours every night. But, with Jo Anna's expertise and encouragement and wonderfully designed sleep plan customized for our little one, we were able to completely change bedtime for the whole family. Thank you Jo Anna!
- Julie

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