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You’re so exhausted after months of not sleeping well. Your lack of sleep is affecting every aspect of your life from your health, to your marriage, and your overall happiness. Even worse, you no longer feel like yourself because you’re exhausted all the time.

You spend hours just trying to fall asleep each night and the thought of bedtime gives you anxiety.

Or, you fall asleep quickly only to wake a few hours later and stare at the ceiling. This same horrible pattern is repeating itself every night, and you’re about to lose your mind.

You wonder if this is just how it has to be.

You wonder if this is normal or if someday you will “magically” return to sleeping well. You know this “phase” has gone on WAY too long!

You’re drained and grouchy all the time. You just want a good night’s sleep (is that too much to ask?), and you have no idea how to get there. Fortunately, as your Adult sleep consultant, this can become a reality!

You dream of...

  • ​Feeling energized and clear headed as you start your day.
  • Lying down in your bed at bedtime and falling asleep easily.
  • Staying asleep ALL night long.
  • Feeling as though your bed is a peaceful, restful place.
  • The day you’ll sleep well again.

Adult Sleep Consultant

You’re ready to take care of yourself and have energy for all of the things you’ve been missing out on. You want to go to the gym, simply take a walk or enjoy a fun evening out with your friends without being exhausted.

Imagine feeling like yourself and loving your well-rested life again. You’re so ready to have that full night’s sleep night after night- to really enjoy your life and be present every day.

What if you got the rest you needed every night and you were happier, healthier and, honestly, a better person?

I’m an Adult sleep consultant that helps tired, frustrated people fall asleep easily at night and stay asleep all night long so they can wake feeling refreshed, clear-headed, and ready for their busy day.

Elizabeth is such a pleasure to work with; detailed, clear, and intentional with all instruction and help. She was available to me all during my program and went above and beyond, always. I've had trouble with my sleep for years and Elizabeth honestly is exactly what I was looking for and hoping for in a sleep coach. I now wake up feeling rested and have all of the tools I need to keep myself sleeping well every night!
- Melanie

Get the sleep you deserve.

Now is the time to get your sleep back!

As a result of working together, you'll...

Your Solve Your Sleep Package Includes...

A step by step plan to help you fall asleep easily and stay asleep ALL night long.

Solve Your Sleep Profile

An in-depth profile with questions for you so we'll know exactly where changes need to be made. With this profile I'll design a sleep plan specifically for you and your sleep needs so that you can start sleeping better that very night. This plan and my support will set you up for success with your sleep so you can finally get the rest you so desperately need.

Solve Your Sleep Plan

My sleep plans are simple, with a step-by-step process that shows you exactly what to do every day and night. There’s no confusion. There’s no guessing. I’ll explain to you why the steps are important… and then show you exactly how to follow them. Your specific sleep plan will be designed according to your personality and the struggles you are facing at this time with your sleep.

Solve Your Sleep Consult

During this 60 minute phone consultation we'll discuss your plan in detail and I'll answer any questions you have about starting the plan. You'll know exactly when to start and what to expect in the first few days of the plan. This isn't a generic sleep plan that you'll be left to implement on your own. I'm your life line who'll be there every step of the way and offer advice for any situation you come across.

Solve Your Sleep Complete Support ​

Your 4 week sleep plan includes 4 phone calls of 30 minutes each. You'll also have access to me via Voxer for daily support. You're welcome to Voxer me so that no question about your sleep goes unanswered.

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