You are NOT A Robot

– Written by JoAnna Inks 

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You are NOT A Robot!

If you have compassion but none for yourself, it is not complete. 

That may seem an unusual beginning for a blog about adult sleep help, so let me explain….. 

In my work with adults experiencing problems with their sleep, my primary responsibility is unconditional positive regard, respect, and support for the client. This “structure” in my work helps each person to move toward making the changes in their lives that will lead to quality sleep and increased energy in their daily lives. 

Working one-on-one with clients and their Sleep Plan conceived mutually between them, and me necessitates an attitude of self-respect and love on their part. This self-love is often missing as I respond to their call for help and literal physical and emotional exhaustion. 

The client has put their own needs and lack of sleep on the “back burner,” something just to deny, “get over,” or “outgrow” until their energy level becomes so low that functioning and meeting daily responsibilities becomes impossible. 

The first step on the road to “recovery”, that is, implementing quality sleep in their lives, is to admit that lack of sleep is at the root of the dysfunction. The next step is to prioritize self (compassion) and to reach out to a Sleep Specialist …i.e. ME! 

From there, moving forward, incorporating the changes that each person begins to make with my ongoing support, our work together will be successful if my client “graduates’ with useful tools to facilitate a quality night’s sleep. More importantly, the client will understand the importance of prioritizing compassion for self and the relationship of quality sleep to all of their life endeavors.

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