My Baby Sleeps Like Crap! But, Didn’t Use To…

– Written by JoAnna Inks 

My Baby Sleeps Like Crap

My Baby Sleeps Like Crap! But, Didn’t Use To…

This is something I’ve heard from numerous parents over the past few months so I thought it would be a good issue to address. When your baby sleeps like crap but didn’t use to, here are a few reasons why.

Your Baby’s Sleep Has Changed

Have you been wondering why your little bundle of joy used to sleep and now doesn’t?  

This can be SO frustrating for parents especially if you’ve been bragging for months about your amazing sleeper and now the bags under your eyes are proof that something has changed, BIG TIME!

I bet you want to know why?  I’ll tell ya!

A Change In Sleep Cycles

We all sleep in stages.  Stage 1 – Light sleep, stage 2 – deeper sleep, stage 3 – deep sleep, and stage 4 – REM (or dream sleep).  We cycle through these stages of sleep every 90 – 120 minutes all night long.

When a baby is born, they only have two parts to their sleep cycle.  Stage 3 – deep sleep and stage 4 – REM sleep.  They spend about 50% of their cycle in each stage.

For many babies, this means that the first few months of their lives are spent blissfully sleeping.  Falling asleep easily, sleeping long stretches in the night, and napping well.

Sorry if your little one isn’t like this and you have to listen to all of your friends brag about how well their newborn is sleeping!  Because some babies are just born TERRIBLE sleepers from the beginning and that’s for another blog…

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Can You Hear Me Now? My Baby Won’t Sleep 😉

The Dreaded 4 Month Sleep Regression

Between 3 – 4 months, sleep reorganizes for a baby.  They go from having two parts to their sleep cycle to four.  So a better term for “The Dreaded 4 Month Sleep Regression” is “The 4 Month Sleep PROGRESSION”.  

This is the time when parents freak out, wonder why their baby isn’t sleeping well, and then start doing EVERYTHING humanly possible to “help” their baby to sleep.

Not so fast!

Your little one is going to have all four parts to their sleep cycle for the rest of their lives so it’s a great time to learn how to sleep with them.

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I’m So Tired! I Just Don’t Know How To Sleep!

How To Help Your Baby Sleep, Again

That’s just it!  You aren’t going to “help” your tiny human sleep better.  Your baby needs to learn how to “help” themselves to sleep.  How to do the entire journey from awake to asleep on their own, just like you do every single night.

You’ve probably noticed that all of the rocking, feeding, bouncing, and pleading for your baby to sleep has gotten you nowhere but exhausted and frustrated.  Baby continues to be a crap sleeper.  

This is when parents tell me that they just KNOW their baby is a bad sleeper and there’s nothing that can be done about it.


Every single baby can learn the skill of sleep!  That’s the truth and yes it’s a skill.

Teach them!

A Customized Sleep Plan!  Yes, Please!

It’s up to you as the parent to figure out a clear, consistent plan either on your own or with professional help – like from us!

There’s not just one way to teach your baby to sleep but there is a way that will work wonders for your baby.  

As sleep coaches for infants and children,  that’s what we do.  We get to know you and your child.  Then, we create a customized plan that’s just right for your baby’s temperament and your parenting style.

That’s why, with our clear, consistent sleep plans, we see success in a few short days!

Who’s ready for some healthy sleep?

You can book your complimentary sleep evaluation right here.  Tell us more about your child’s specific sleep struggles and we’ll share exactly how we can help.

Here’s to well-rested family,

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