One Decision That Could Change Your Life

– Written by JoAnna Inks 

baby on a tiny bed - JoAnna Inks Sleep Solutions

Hey beautiful mama!

I’ve actually never shared my story quite like this, but I’m confident YOU are one of the mothers that’s meant to hear it.

This isn’t my regular blog with a sleep tip or trick.

The decision you make at the end of this blog could CHANGE YOUR FAMILY forever!

You might be wondering if one decision can really change the entire dynamic of your family?  Yes, yes it can. I did!

Is it really possible to teach every baby to be a great sleeper?  Yes, it is.

Do you have the power to give your child the gift of sleep?  Yes, you do.

And, it indeed is a gift!  

Let me take you back 10 years ago…..

What does this have to do with you?  

Well, you may just see a glimpse of yourself in my story.  It was June of 2009, we have a beautifully decorated nursery for our baby.

  • A lovely crib
  • Soft green and brown hues throughout the room
  • A comfortable glider

I was all in!  I’d waited a LONG time to become a mama.

Sounds great, right?

And, it was great.  

But, I’d had an emergency c-section, and my little guy ended up co-sleeping with us for the first 6 weeks of his life.

By the end of 6 weeks, I was healing well, BUT I was SOOOO tired.  

Like, sand in my eyes tired ALL day.  

Like, not enjoying being a mom the way that I imagined it to be tired.

I really needed sleep, bad.

Not only that, HE needed sleep as well!

Contrary to popular belief, babies need consolidated sleep just like adults!

It was time.

Then came the best decision of our lives.  We found someone to help us teach our baby to be a fantastic sleeper.

From that moment on nothing would ever be the same.

That experience changed my life!  It’s why I do what I do today helping families get the rest they so desperately need.

This message will only resonate with a few of you.

A few of you are READY to help your child, AND you get the sleep you deserve.

A few of you are reluctant. You haven’t hit your breaking point.

Your baby’s nights + Me = Sleep Guaranteed!

Sleep Solutions Packages are designed to take you from exhausted and overwhelmed by your baby’s sleep to confidently putting your baby to sleep each night and knowing he’ll sleep well.  


You’re ready to feel human again!

The packages are 3 weeks of personalized, expert sleep coaching.

Here’s what’s included in the packages:

The plan:

  • A personalized sleep plan as unique as your precious baby!
  • You’ll know step by step how to help your baby become the best sleeper in the fastest, yet gentlest way.

Expert sleep coaching:

  • ME by your side, every day so that you never have to have a question about your baby’s sleep go unanswered.
  • You’ll be confident your baby is getting the best rest to be the happiest, healthiest baby.

Daily live support:

  • You get questions about your baby’s sleep right when you have them.  
  • You never have to guess about how to handle anything during our time together.

As a result of the program:

  • You and your child will get the sleep you deserve!
  • You’ll have time to yourself and for your spouse.
  • You’ll look forward to bedtime because it’ll be so easy to put your baby down.
  • You’ll have more energy to be the mom you want to be.

You, my friend, will see motherhood in an entirely different lens.

Yes, it’s really that amazing!

I guarantee this experience will change your home for the better, forever.

If you’re ready, your baby is ready!

What’s the next step?

Book a complimentary call with me today so that I can hear more about your specific sleep struggles and I can share with you exactly how I can.

I know you’re exhausted, so let’s get started!