4 Reasons To Swaddle Your Newborn

– Written by JoAnna Inks 

Swaddled Baby

4 Reasons To Swaddle Your Newborn

Today, let’s talk about all things swaddles! Below are 4 reasons to swaddle your newborn.

I hope this week’s blog finds you safe and healthy.  As our world is ever-changing these days, one thing is for sure.  Baby’s are being born and they still need to learn to sleep.  

And, I can’t wait to share an amazing new product that we’ve recently learned about.  More on that in a minute…

Swaddled Native Baby
Most Newborns LOVE A Good Swaddle!

What Is Swaddling?

Swaddling infants has been around, well, since forever!  It’s the art of snuggly wrapping a baby for warmth and security.  

It can be especially helpful in the first few days of life until baby’s body thermostat

kicks in.  

4 Reasons to Swaddle Your Baby


  1. mimics the womb and helps make baby feel safe and secure.
  2. helps with baby’s Moro reflex also known as the startle reflex that can startle baby awake and cause fragmented sleep.  A good swaddle can help keep baby asleep by preventing this startle. 
  3. has been proven to help babies sleep better.  Especially colicky babies – which tend to struggle so much with sleep.
  4. can help your baby fall asleep easier on their back, which we all know is the safest way for a baby to sleep for SIDS prevention.

The “Don’ts” Of Swaddling

As with most things, a little common sense goes a long way when it comes to swaddling.

If your baby doesn’t want to be swaddled, don’t push the issue.  Not every baby responds well to it and that’s just fine.  Your baby can become an amazing sleeper without being swaddled.

You should always put baby to sleep on their back, especially if they’re being swaddled.

Your baby’s legs need to be able to move freely so that they can bend up and out at the hips for proper growth and development.  And, be sure to spend at least part of baby’s awake times out of the swaddle.

Whatever swaddle you use should NOT have any fabric that can come loose as this is a HUGE risk for a sleeping baby.

Those last two points bring me to an AH-MAZING new product that Kayla and I are super happy to have learned about and are now recommending to our newborn clients!

Without further ado!  Check this out!

Swaddelini ME!

Check out Liz Hilton and her Swaddelini invention!  

Guys – this is a game-changer in the way of swaddles.  To actually see this product in person and watch the videos about how well it works is incredible.  

Here are a few of the most awesome things about this revolutionary swaddle…

Hug Technology®

Trademarked compression therapy. Gives sensation of hug all night.

Freedom of Movement

The swaddelini hugs your baby while allowing your baby freedom of motion.


Babies can move their arms and hands but they cannot scratch their face in the swaddelini. The can also knead your breast when feeding but they cannot scratch you!


When you put your baby to bed in the Swaddelini, your baby wakes up in the swaddelini. They cannot kick or wiggle their way out.

Safe and Snug

The Swaddelini was tested and certified at a world-class accredited

laboratory for both design hazards and suffocation hazards. The top of the swaddelini naturally folds away from the face so there is never any fabric near the face. The swaddelini is snug (but not constricting) so you can watch their little chest go up and down.

Cloud-like softness

Made from soft fibers sourced in the USA.

4-way stretch

This product is 3D knit and so it stretches in all directions.

No closure systems: No wrapping, no zippers, no velcro, no snaps.

Easy to use

Goes on and off like a sock.

Diaper changing flap

Bottom flap allows for easy access to pull arms through the side tube and helps you change the diaper in the middle of the night without having to take the swaddle on and off. The flap may also be used to insert bilirubin pad.

Sidearm tubes

To get the arms through the tubes, first open the diaper flap at the bottom and stick your arm up through the arm tube and grab the baby’s hand and gently pull it through. Repeat on the other side. These tubes are crucial in those first few months because they protect against the Moro reflex.

Transition Swaddling

The Swaddelini small size goes from about 6-12 pounds. The large goes from 12 pounds up to 18 pounds and both can be used as a transition swaddle. When your baby learns how to roll over simply leave their arms out of the side tubes and they can rest safely in the Swaddelini until they are ready to go without a swaddle. Some babies use the large swaddle with their arms and feet out until 10-11 months.


The swaddelini original is made with moisture-wicking yarn to help keep your baby dry from all that baby sweat!

Its genius design is so easy to use and I’m pretty sure Houdini himself couldn’t get out of it!

Pretty cool, right?

Not only that but…

$1 of every swaddle goes to the American SIDS Foundation

These are 100% made in the USA by Liz in her freaking garage!  Talk about dedication. 

I’m lucky enough to have a discount code just for you!  Simply go to Swaddelini and enter discount code SleepSolutions20 at checkout.

Happy swaddling!

Here’s to a well-rested family,