What’s The One Thing Stopping You?

– Written by JoAnna Inks 

mom with son - JoAnna Inks Sleep Solutions

Happy Monday!

I’m pretty sure you know by now that I LOVE what I do.

Helping families get the rest they need every day is so rewarding! 

I purposefully use the word “families” here because what I do is about SO much more than teaching a baby to sleep!  It’s about getting the entire family the rest they need to the healthiest they can be.

We all need sleep to repair our bodies & our minds.  Without proper sleep, our bodies simply don’t function properly.

I spoke with a mom today that is getting over strep throat.  YES, strep throat. If you don’t know, that’s pretty rare in adults.  Adults usually lose the receptors for strep throat, therefore, don’t get it as easily as children do. 

The crazy thing is that this mom is super healthy in SO many ways and a real powerhouse of a women.  BUT, she hasn’t been sleeping well the past 3 weeks because her kiddo has been waking multiple times.  In crept strep throat!

We need sleep to stay healthy so that we can be the best moms, partners, sisters, friends, and daughters we can be!

This week, I did a Q&A in a large FB mom’s group.  I literally answered questions on & off for most of an entire work day.  The questions just kept coming!

It reminded me of just how many people out there suffer night after night with poor sleep because there baby simply isn’t a good sleeper. 

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine in a few short weeks….

  • A baby that sleeps through the night Every. Single. Night so that your baby gets the rest he needs to be the healthiest, happiest baby.
  • A full night’s sleep for YOU so that you can feel like yourself again and plug back into your life.
  • Being happier everyday because you’re confident your baby will sleep well and so will you!
  • No more wondering why your baby isn’t sleeping well because every question about your baby’s sleep will be answered.

You don’t have to be sleep deprived because you had a baby.  EVERY baby I’ve worked with has become a great sleeper.

What’s stopping you from getting help with your baby’s sleep?  I really want to know.

I had a “graduation” call with a client today.  At the end of the call this is what she said……

“JoAnna, I want you to know that you changed our lives.  Hiring you is the BEST decision my husband and I have made as parents.  I can’t thank you enough.”

Are you next?    

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Here’s to a well-rested family,