My Baby Hates The Crib

– Written by JoAnna Inks 

My Baby Hates The Crib

My baby hates the crib. This I repeatedly hear from parents.

Do you think your baby hates the crib?  

Most of my clients felt the same way before we started working together.

A LOT of babies HATE the crib, for good reason: they have NO idea what they’re to do in there.

Baby Crying In Crib
Baby Hating The Crib

They’re Not Use To Sleeping There

I’ve found over the years that babies fall into two categories regarding their cribs, and we’ll talk about both today.

First Scenario:

Your baby used to sleep well in their crib, but suddenly, they want to sleep with you.

      It is challenging to understand what babies need. When you think you’ve figured out their sleeping patterns and they are doing great in their crib, they suddenly start having trouble falling asleep or taking shorter naps. 

      In an attempt to help them sleep better, we often end up making changes to their routine. However, this can backfire and create a new normal for the baby. Returning to the old routine may not work, and the baby may not cooperate.

      Second Scenario:

      You’ve attempted to place your baby in the crib multiple times, but the results have been disastrous. Your baby screams and cries, and eventually, you give in and return to sleeping with your baby to avoid any further upset.

        If your baby has not spent much time in a crib, they may need to be more familiar with settling in it. Many parents soothe their baby to sleep by rocking or bouncing and then transfer them to the crib, hoping they will drift off without any issues.

        These two scenarios always end with a baby screaming immediately or a grumpy baby after a short nap.

        Babies need to learn to fall asleep independently, without any assistance. This means they must learn how to do the entire journey, from being awake to falling asleep. If your baby is over 3 months old, putting them down when asleep or drowsy won’t work. This almost always is a fail!

        It’s Not The Crib Or The Mattress Or…

        Your baby’s crib is just fine.

        The mattress is just fine.

        Your sheets are soft enough.

        It’s common for parents to try to find a reason why their baby isn’t sleeping well in their crib. Are they afraid of the dark? Don’t like being alone or are they teething? However, over the years, I’ve found that if you give babies the tools they need to become great sleepers, they can learn to love their crib!

        The parents of a 3-month-old boy reported that their child was experiencing nightmares so severe that he could only sleep when being held. He had an aversion to his crib and had never slept in it before. However, within a few weeks, the baby began sleeping soundly in his crib without experiencing any nightmares. Nothing short of life-changing for this family!

        Happy Baby Sleeping In The Crib
        Baby smiling in crib

        They Don’t Know How To Sleep

        Babies often struggle to sleep in a crib because this is a totally new sleep environment.

        People, including even infants, are highly protective of their sleeping surroundings.

        It can be challenging for babies who sleep in a certain way to adjust to a new sleeping environment. For instance, if they sleep with you or on you and you decide to have them sleep in their crib, they might cry and resist the change. As a result, many parents opt for motion sleep, like using a swing, stroller, or car to soothe their babies to sleep, regardless of age.

        It’s important to understand that “motion sleep” can help a baby sleep, but it doesn’t teach them how to sleep. Sleep is a skill that babies can learn, like swimming!

        Babies who sleep with motion might find it difficult to sleep in any other way. 

        Additionally, they might become dependent on motion to fall asleep and struggle to connect sleep cycles. 

        However, with a clear, consistent plan, babies can learn to love sleeping in their cribs. They may even try to climb out of your arms and into their crib at bedtime or naptime.

        Teach Your Baby To Love The Crib

        I customize my client’s sleep plans for their baby’s temperament and parenting style.

        There are multiple ways to help your baby learn to love their crib. Finding the method that works best for your family is critical. A clear and consistent plan and support and guidance from an expert who can confidently answer any questions about your child’s sleep will help you stay on track to sleep success. This is a win-win situation for you and your little one.

        Your child will quickly learn to love the crib with minimal fuss, resulting in excellent sleep in just a few days.

        Suppose your baby is under three months old and having trouble falling asleep in their crib. In that case, picking them up and walking them around until they are calmer before trying again in the crib can be helpful.

        If your baby is 3 months or older, picking up and putting down may be less effective. However, I can teach you other ways so you can support your baby as they learn to sleep in their crib.

        Teaching your child how to sleep is critical to helping them love their crib. Just like anything else we teach our children, it requires consistency, patience, and faith that it is possible.

        Ensuring that your baby has enough wake time to build up sleep pressure is crucial, making falling asleep easier and more successful.

        Happy Child Waking Up
        Happy Baby Waking Up

        Have Questions?

        You’re not alone if you’re struggling with your baby’s sleep. Infant sleep is complex, with many factors that must align to help your baby sleep well.

         I teach you how to identify the different parts and pieces of your child’s sleep and then guide you through teaching them to sleep well while supporting you every step of the way. 

        Feel free to ask for help if you struggle with your baby’s sleep.

        I offer a complimentary discovery call so you can share your specific sleep struggles, and I can share exactly how I can help your family get the rest you need.

        Book your call today!

        Here’s to a well-rested family,

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